Nuova pubblicazione - "Polipeptidi umani simili all'elastina come piattaforma versatile per lo sfruttamento del rilevamento ultrasensibile della bilirubina da parte della proteina UnaG"

Pubblicato su Biotechnology and Bioengineering dal gruppo di ricerca della prof.ssa Sabina Passamonti
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A new, bifunctional recombinant protein was expressed as the fusion product of human elastin-like polypeptide (HELP) and the bilirubin-binding protein UnaG. The engineered product displays both the HELP-specific property of forming a functional hydrogel matrix and the UnaG-specific capacity of emitting green fluorescence upon ligand binding. The new fusion protein has been proven to be effective at detecting bilirubin in complex environments with high background noise. A cell culture model of the stress response, consisting of bilirubin released in the cell culture medium, was set up to assess the bilirubin-sensing properties of the functional matrix obtained by cross-linking the HELP moiety. Our engineered protein allowed us to monitor cell induction by the release of bilirubin in the culture medium on a nanomolar scale. This study shows that elastin-like protein fusion represents a versatile platform for the development of novel and commercially viable analytical and biosensing devices.

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