Large International Projects


 Large International Projects COORDINATED by DSV in the past 5 years


  1. CSMON Life
  3. Trans2Care
  4. InnovH2O
  5. SiiT
  6. KeyToNature



 Large International Projects with DSV as PARTNER in the past 5 years


  1. FocusINCD
  2. Agrotur
  3. Biodinet
  4. GEP
  5. 3Corala
  6. PESCA



2014-2017, LEAD PARTNER


Un approccio di Citizen Science al monitoraggio della biodiversità per la soluzione delle problematiche ambientali.


CSMON-LIFE (Citizen Science MONitoring) is one of the first Italian projects which focuses on using a citizen science approach on biodiversity. I was funded by the European Commission under the LIFE+ programme. The project want to stimulate the participation of the citizens, involving them in the study, management and conservation of biodiversity, hence creating an active collaboration between citizens, scientific community and institutions. The project targets individuals, schools and several categories (hikers, fishermen, farmers, boaters, divers, etc.).



2012-2015, LEAD PARTNER


Development of a resorbable sealing patch for the prevention of anastomotic leakage after colorectal cancer surgical treatment.



The AnastomoSEAL Consortium is working to develop a new product to prevent the anastomotic leakage: a biocompatible, resorbable sealant patch which is applied around the site of anastomosis, and promotes healing of the site as well as acting as a physical barrier to help prevent leakage. (EU – NMP –FP7)



2011-2014,  LEAD PARTNER

Transregional Network for Innovation and Technology Transfer to Improve Health Care
Rete transregionale per l'innovazione ed il trasferimento tecnologico per il miglioramento della sanità
Tansregionalno omrežje za inovacijo in prenos tehnološkega znanja za izboljšanje zdravstva



2011-2014,  LEAD PARTNER



2011-2013,  LEAD PARTNER








Interreg Central Europe Programme

Project title

Innovative patient centred health care services – advantages of establishing a close network in celiac disease patient health care

Project acronym

Focus IN CD

Total eligible budget


Lead partner

Municipality of Maribor, Slovenia

Project partner

Dipartimento di Scienze della Vita - Prof. D. Sblattero



















Development of load-bearing fibre reinforced composite based non-metallic biomimetic bone implant

The major aim of NEWBONE project was to develop Fibre and Nanohybrid reinforced composite (FRC and NHRC) material for surgical bone repair and replacement where load-bearing and ligament fixation capabilities are essential. NEWBONE project has developed FRC and NHRC material for surgical bone repair and replacement where load-bearing and ligament fixation capabilities are essential. (EU – NMP –FP6)




Nanoscale Functionalities for Targeted Drug Delivery of Biopharmaceutics.



The project aimed at the development of innovative multidisciplinary approaches for the design, synthesis and evaluation of functionalized nanocarriers and nanoparticle-based microcarriers for the treatment of various diseases based on targeted, controlled delivery of therapeutic peptides and proteins (biopharmaceutics). (EU – NMP –FP6)


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