Post Graduate Studies


The Department offers PhD and postgraduate courses in the three main areas of Biomedicine, Environmental Life Sciences, and Psychology.

The PhD program in Molecular Biomedicine aims at training students in various aspect of basic research that are integrated with applied and translational aspects within the broad field of modern biomedicine.

The inter-university PhD program in Environmental Life Sciences, in collaboration with the University of Udine, aims at training students to the managing and implementation of national and EU guidelines regarding environmental analysis, as well as developing novel methodological approaches to the issues of environmental bio-monitoring.

 The PhD program in Neurosciences and Cognitive sciences offers an inter-disciplinary approach to the study of the nervous system, the mind-brain system and cognitive processes, and their implications in clinical, ergonomic, and sportive applications.

The Postgraduate school in Neuropsychology and Cognitive sciences aims at training students to become experts in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in the processes of typical and atypical cognitive development across the entire life span.

Finally the International Master in Phytotherapy aims at providing physicians and pharmacists with the cultural tools for a rational use of drugs of  plant origin, based on the most recent scientific knowledge. This program is organized in collaboration with Universidad Complutense,  Madrid, and is divided in three full-immersion sessions in Venice, Tuscany and Madrid.


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