Project: POS FESR - SCSH (2020 - 2021)

Large International Projects with DSV as PARTNER



The project Smart cream for a healthy skin is divided into two steps:

  1. Redefine a pre-existing formulation for the treatment of wound healing used to treat breast fissures, maximizing the physiological regeneration capacity of the injured skin. The formulation will be characterized by the use of substances with no smell and taste, in order not to distract the infant. This type of formulation will allow a better self-treatment of breast fissures, favoring the maintenance of "breastfeeding" with all the economic and health consequences that this entails (World Health Organization & UNICEF, May 2003, The global strategy for feeding babies and of children - Geneva: World Health Organization).
  2. Start from this basic formulation by adding non-toxic natural active ingredients, with documented anti-tumor properties in vitro, to obtain a medical device that helps the treatment of skin tumors such as basal cell carcinoma (BCC). A medical device of this type will improve the prognosis and increase the effectiveness of the elective treatments currently used in the treatment of BCC (generally surgical removal). The target market is expanding considerably, if we consider that the average annual cost for skin cancers alone has increased by 126%, while the cost for all other types of tumors has increased only by 25% (US data, period 2007-2011).

The project will be conducted by:

  1. FARMACIA ALL'IGEA sas, which will develop the formulation in terms of assets and excipients, both on an experimental basis and on analysis of the available literature).
  2. ASOLTECH srl that will interact with partner 1 by applying its proprietary technologies to increase the bioavailability of the assets and their solubility in the formulation matrix; 3) UNIVERSITY of TRIESTE (DSV) which will deal with the validation of the anti-tumor properties and the regeneration of the active ingredients under study in selected cell cultures.


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