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The herbarium of the University of Trieste (Herbarium Universitatis Tergestinae) is one of 68 internationally recognized Italian herbariums, with code TSB (Index Herbariorum). It became active in 1961 at the same time as the creation of the Botanical Institute, later merged into the Department of Biology and, therefore, in the Department of Life Sciences. There are preserved samples collected by Italian and foreign botanists, the result of institutional collections, exchanges and donations.

It is divided into a Phanerogamic Section, with about 140,000 samples, and a Cryptogamic Section, in turn divided into the Algae sectors (about 5,400 samples), Lichens (around 45,000 samples), Bryophytes (about 1,000 samples) and Pteridophytes (approx. 2,500 samples).









Herbarium TSB
Department of Life Sciences
University of Trieste
Building Q
Via L. Giorgieri 5
I - 34127 Trieste

e-mail: tsbherbarium@units.it



Phanerogams and Pteridophytestsbherbarium@units.it

Algae: prof. Annalisa Falace

Lichens: prof. Mauro Tretiach, prof. Lucia Muggia (only for ELA - TSB collection)

Bryophytes: dr. Miris Castello


Herbarium access and loans

To consult herbarium material and request material on loan, please send an email to tsbherbarium@units.it. All samples requested on loan / vision, either by researchers of the Department of Life Sciences or researchers and scholars from other Universities and/or Research institutions must be entered in a special register.

For the request of herbarium and photo samples fill out this special loan form.


Stages and internships

The herbarium hosts and supervises, in the context of internships or traineeships:

  • university students who want to acquire F credits or carry out their thesis work on floristics and taxonomy
  • secondary school students who carry out internships within the combined study – work experience project

The service is temporarly unavailable.



Useful link: Index Herbariorum


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