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The Third Mission of the University

The third mission defines the set of activities with which the University "engages in direct interaction with society" (National Agency for Evaluation of University and Research, ANVUR, workshop April 12, 2013). These activities complement the teaching and research missions of the university .

The objectives of the University's third mission

The objectives of the third mission are diverse. In 2013, ANVUR grouped the objectives of the third mission in two dimensions (workshop April 12, 2013): the cultural and social dimension, the dimension of economic value-enhancing knowledge.

The cultural and social dimension includes products that enhance the well-being of society through cultural content (e.g. scientific dissemination), social (e.g. public health), educational (e.g. school education, continuing education) and citiziens (e.g. public debates).
The economic valorisation of knowledge includes activities aimed at transforming knowledge products into useful tools for productive purposes. ANVUR puts in this dimension "intellectual property management, business creation, research on behalf of third parties and research-industry relations and the management of brokerage and support structures".

The Department of Life Sciences contributes to the third mission of the University of Trieste through its activities to:


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