Academic Office

PLEASE NOTE:During the COVID-19 emergency the Accademic Office & the Tutors can be reached by email only.

The DSV Academic Office provides support for the management of the departmental degree programs.

The Office is located on the first floor of the H3 building (Via A. Valerio 12/2 - 34127 - Trieste).


PLEASE NOTE: As far as support services for students are concerned (such as: finding exam programs, information on schedules and lessons, information on the time of reception of teachers, information and forms for traineeships, information material on the Department, handouts lessons, forms for workers and other similar material) is active the Tutors Office.

located in the same rooms of the Academic Office, on the first floor of the H3 building.

The Tutors, differentiated according to the two main Disciplinary Areas belonging to the DSV, can be contacted at the following email addresses:


For general information on the DSV degree programs, please refer to the specific Academic website of the DSV (in Italian).


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