Alpine Center for Botanical Studies (Pura Pass, Carnic Alps, Ampezzo, NE Italy)


The Alpine Center for Botanical Studies is located at the Pura Pass (Carnic Alps), in the municipality of Ampezzo (Province of Udine) at approximately 1400 m above sea level, in an area of great botanical, zoological and geological interest.



Description of the structure

The Center has two adjacent buildings, one hosting a laboratory with a capacity of 25 persons, the other consisting of two floors, the ground floor hosting a kitchen and two dining rooms, the upper floor three dormitories, for a total of 23 bunk beds, plus bathrooms. The two buildings have independent heating and the laboratory is connected to a wireless network. In the immediate vicinity is the Rifugio Tita Piaz, which offers full board and lodging at reasonable prices (for information contact the Rifugio).

The Center can be reached from Ampezzo and Sauris via good asphalt roads, but it is not served by public transport. Any transport from Ampezzo to the Pura Pass (c. 9 km) can be agreed with the manager of the Rifugio Tita Piaz.


Nature and excursions

Many walking tours can be made from the Pura Pass. Among the most interesting environments:

  1. The dry grasslands and scree slopes of Mount Nauleni
  2. The Forest of Ampezzo
  3. The Alpine belt on calcareous substrates of Mount Tinisa
  4. The Alpine belt on siliceous rocks of Mount Brutto Passo

More information on the naturalistic aspects of the area surrounding the Center (in Italian)


Flora and fauna

The University of Trieste has developed interactive guides for vascular plants and lichens in the area around the Pura Pass, and to bultterflies and freshwater fishes of NE Italy. They can be viewed online, but also used stand-alone on phones and tablets, through the free KeyToNature application (Android and iOS).

Interactive guide to the vascular flora (1244 species, in English)

Interactive guide to epiphytic lichens (247 species, in Italian)

Interactive guide to the butterflies of NE Italy (in Italian)

Interactive guide to freshwater fishes of NE Italy (in English)



The Pura Passis a large U-shaped saddle determined by the transfluence of the Conca di Sauris glacier towards the glacial valley of the Tagliamento river.

Geology of the Sauris Basin (in italian)


How to book the structure

The activities of the Center, owned by the Carnic Montane Community, are regulated by an agreement with the University of Trieste, which uses the Centre for the organization of courses, seminars and field work, also involving other Italian and foreign universities.

The universities and research centers that are interested in using the Centre for organizing courses and excursions  are requested to contact Prof. Lucia Muggia by  January 31st of each year.

Cumulative price is € 100 per day for the entire facility incl. the dormitories, € 50 per day for the use of the laboratory only.

(Note. Blankets and pillows are available, but no linens and towels, to be provided by the participants.)



Useful Contacts

For information and booking the Center (by January 31st each year), please contact:

Prof. Lucia Muggia
Dipartimento di Scienze della Vita, Università di Trieste, via Giorgieri 10, 34127 Trieste
Tel. +39 0405588825

For information and booking Rifugio Tita Piaz, please contact:

Rifugio Tita Piaz
Passo Pura, 33021 Ampezzo (UD)
Tel. +39 339 1378897



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