Biologia della simbiosi lichenica (Prof. Tretiach)

Prof. Mauro Tretiach

Tel. +39 040 558 8822



Mauro Tretiach is Associate Professor in Systematic Botany at the University of Trieste since 2001.
He has a B.S. degree in Biology from the University of Trieste, and a PhD in Plant Systematics and Ecology from the University of Pavia.
He was a promoting partner of the Italian Lichen Society (est. 1987), member of its Council from 1993 to 1999, and President from 1999 to 2008.

His research field is focused on Lichenology, with emphasis on taxonomy, ecophysiology, and air pollution biomonitoring.
His main contributions to the field are:

- the built-up, together with Prof. P.L. Nimis (DSV, UniTS), of the largest Italian lichen collection: all together, c. 36,000 specimens collected, identified at species level, and stored in the Herbarium Universitatis Tergestinae (TSB) (;

- the description of several new species of lichens and lichenicolous fungi, new combinations, and synonymisation of taxa of doubtful value (Lichenologist 46, 2014: 303-331);

- the detection of seasonal acclimation phenomena at both myco- and photobiont level (Lichenologist 39, 2008: 555-565; Oecologia 173, 2013: 649-663);

- an in-deep study of the ecophysiology of endolithic lichens (Geomicrobiol J 28, 2011: 732-744; Plant Biosyst 132 1998: 183-195; Oecologia 111, 1997: 515-522; New Phytol. 130, 1995: 585-592);

- the comprehension of the mechanisms that allow lichens to cope with ozone (Ecol Indic 34: 391-397, 2013; J Plant Physiol 171, 2014: 1514-1523), but not, e.g., with H2S (Symbiosis 31, 2001: 35-46; Lichenologist 45, 2013: 101-113), and the importance of water availability for the survival of lichens in urban habitats (Environ Exp Bot 73, 2011: 102-107; Oecologia 168, 2012: 589-599);

- the improvements of moss and lichen transplant technique for biomonitoring surveys (Sci Tot Environ 409, 2011: 822-830; Environ Monit Assess 175, 2011: 589-600; Chemosphere 90, 2013: 292-299);

- the discovery of WHAT, a new devitalization technique for the eradication of bioderiogens of open-air monuments (Environ Sci Technol 46, 2012: 6851-6859; Int Biodeterior Biodegr 84, 2013: 44-53);

The scientific activity of Mauro Tretiach is attested by more than 120 full papers, more than half published in international scientific journals with IF.
He is editor of Mycological Progress and Informatore Botanico Italiano.
He was honoured with the eponymy of two taxa, Physcia tretiachii and Pleospora tretiachii.

Since 2012 Mauro Tretiach is Deputy Director of DSV.



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