Sviluppo di terapie mirate (Prof. Macor)

Dr. Paolo Macor

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Paolo Macor is a researcher since 2010 and professor of Molecular Immunology since 2012 at the University of Trieste; he is also scientific vice-director of Fondazione Callerio ONLUS since 2014.

Paolo Macor has a degree in Medical Biotechnology and a degree in Biomedical Lab Technician obtained at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Trieste. Among his research experiences, he had been Senior Researcher at ADIENNE Pharma and Biotech for more than 2 years. More recently he was trained as Entrepreneurs in Clinical Academia, initiative from the Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS), supported by Cellgene and delivered by INSEAD: Business School for the World (Fontainebleu, France).

His research interest focuses on potential targeted approaches for the treatment of immunological diseases like B-cell malignancies or rheumatoid arthritis. Several translational approaches were developed using recombinant antibodies or targeted nanoparticles and they allow a significant increase in the therapeutic effect and a reduction in the toxicity of the new therapeutic strategies.

Paolo Macor is a member of the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR), Italian Society of Immunology, Clinical Immunology and Allergology (SIICA), Italian Society for Cancer research (SIC), Inter-department Center of Molecular Medicine (CIMM). He is reviewer for several international peer-review international journal and international Scientific Foundations. He also was member of the board of the Italian Cancer Society (2008 – 2010).



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