Tumor suppressor genes in differentiation and oncogenesis (Prof. Collavin)

Licio Collavin

Full professor in Applied Biology (BIO/13)

Tel: +39-040-5588741
email: lcollavin@units.it



Dr. Collavin is full professor in Applied Biology.
Graduated in Biological Sciences, Licio Collavin obtained his PhD from the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) in Trieste, working in the group of prof. Claudio Schneider, at LNCIB. Next, he did a three years postdoc in the lab of prof. Marc W. Kirschner, in the Department of Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School, Boston MA (USA). In 2003, dr. Collavin became Assistant Professor (Ricercatore) at the University of Trieste, and moved back to LNCIB as principal investigator (PI). Since 2020, the Collavin lab has moved to the main campus of the University.
His most relevant scientific contributions are:
- the identification of novel genes induced by the tumor suppressor p53, and the discovery of a membrane-associated isoform of Adenylate kinase 1 (Utrera et al., 1998; Collavin et al., 1999).
- the discovery of a negative feedback function for the secreted protein Sizzled in patterning of the ventral mesoderm in the frog embryo (Collavin and Kirschner, 2003).
- the identification of a consistent set of novel interactors of p53-family proteins in Drosophila and mammalian cells (Lunardi et al., 2010).
- the identification of the tumor suppressor DAB2IP as a key target of mutant p53 in the response of cancer cells to inflammation (Di Minin et al., 2014), and to insulin stimulation (Valentino et al., 2017).
- the discovery that mutant p53 proteins can modulate the Unfolded Protein Response in cancer cells (Sicari et ., 2019)



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