Oncological pharmacology – Tumour microenvironment of solid tumour metastasis (Prof. Bergamo)

Prof. Alberta Bergamo

Phone: +39 040 558 8639
Email: abergamo@units.it
Office: F.C. building, I floor, room 215, via A. Fleming 22, 34127 Trieste, Italy


Alberta Bergamo is Associate Professor of Pharmacology at University of Trieste since January 2020.

She graduated in Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Trieste and holds a second level master in “Regulatory Disciplines and Drug Policy” from the University Unitelma Sapienza of Rome.

She started her research experience at Callerio Foundation Onlus – Institutes of Biological Researches – of Trieste, to refine then at OIH INSERM U463, Nantes (Fr). From 1999 to 2019 she was a researcher at Callerio Foundation Onlus of Trieste.

The scientific research is focussed on tumour metastases and their pharmacological control. In particular, with both basic and translational approaches, the studies were conducted focusing on the search for alternative in vitro models that allow simulating the complex environment of the tumour microenvironment for: i) the study of host-tumour relationships; ii) the identification of new therapeutic targets; iii) the characterization of the pharmacological action at the cellular and molecular level. Most of these researches investigated the pharmacological properties of metal-based complexes endowed with peculiar anti-metastatic activities, contributing to the preclinical characterization of the clinical candidate NAMI-A, the first ruthenium complex entered in clinical trials.

More than 80 articles published in international journals evidence the scientific activity.

Prof. Bergamo is a member of the Italian Society of Pharmacology (working group in Oncological Pharmacology and Immunopharmacology), scientific editor of SIF Magazine and member of the Italian Society of Chemotherapy.


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