Herbarium TSB


The herbarium of the University of Trieste (Herbarium Universitatis Tergestinae) is one of 68 internationally recognized Italian herbariums, with code TSB.


It became active in 1961 and is divided into a Phanerogamic Section, with about 140,000 samples, and a Cryptogamic Section, in turn divided into the Algae sectors (about 5,400 samples including calcareous red algae), Lichens (around 45,000 samples, in addition to a collection of 840 Antarctic lichens preserved separately), Bryophytes (about 1,000 samples) and Pteridophytes (approx. 2,500 samples).


To date the algological and lichenological herbariums have been computerized and are available online, while for the phanerogamic herbarium there is a digital safeguard archive.




Description of Herbarium TSB


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