Biomedicine Laboratories - FC Building

FC Building, via Alexander Fleming 22, 34127 Trieste


Pharmacogenomics Laboratory

n° S100, S105, S106 e S107 Rooms, 1° floor




Research groups:


The laboratory is divided in two main sections:


Pharmacogenomics - molecular pharmacology

In this laboratory, extraction and analysis of nucleic acids and proteins are perfomed.


Pharmacogenomics - cell coltures

In this laboratory, stabilized, primary and induced pluripotent stem cells are cultured.


Biophysics and Cellular Neurobiology Laboratory

Rooms n. S201,S206,S207,S207A,S207B,S207C e S216, 1° floor


Responsibles: prof. Lorenzon Paola, dr. Sciancalepore Marina

Research groups:


The research focuses on the molecular mechanisms involved in the modulation of the peripheral synaptic transmission, skeletal muscle adaptation and regeneration in physiological and pathological conditions.




Epidemiology of bacterial drug resistance Laboratory

Rooms: n. 312, 314, 315, 3°floor and n. 407, 4° floor


Responsible: dr. Lagatolla Cristina

Research groups:

Epidemiology of bacterial drug resistance. Bacterial biofilm production and its involvement in lowering susceptibility to antimicrobial agents of clinical isolates.

                                   Bacterial cultures                                            Pulse field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) for molecular typing




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