Light Microscopy


The Light Microscopy Imaging Center (LMIC) specializes in advanced live-cell imaging with light, fluorescence and confocal light microscopy. The structure supports and helps scientists in the department, university and external visitors with microscopy techniques and quantitative imaging methods.



Life Sciences Department
University of Trieste
2° floor, Building Q
Via L. Giorgieri 5
I - 34127 Trieste




Director: Prof. Enrico Tongiorgi 

Manager: Dr. Gabriele Baj



The LMIC currently operates 5 independent microscopy systems:

  • Upright microscopes for light transmitted and fluorescence acquisitions
  • A manual inverted microscope for transmitted light and 4-color fluorescence acquisitions (updating with optical tweezer system)
  • An automated inverted microscope for light and 4-color fluorescence acquisitions and the possibility of integrating live imaging techniques with a dedicated mini-incubator and C02/Air controller
  • A confocal scanning microscope for spectral or 4-color fluorescence acquisitions

A workstation with open source software installed is provided and can be used for image processing, viewing and analysis of user data.




  • Specific training for users on the use of various microscopes
  • Support in experimental design
  • Study and development of quantitative imaging techniques
  • Help in image processing and quantitative analysis.

The center is open to direct collaborations on specific projects, and specific courses are foreseen for the use of confocal microscopy and live imaging.

N.B. The mention of the Microscopy Center in publications deriving from work done with us is appreciated.


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