DNA Sequencing Service



DNA Sequencing Service
Department of Life Sciences
University of Trieste
Building Q, via Licio Giorgieri 5
34127 Trieste


Scientific Direction

Prof. Alberto Pallavicini       
e-mail:  pallavic@units.it
tel. +39 040 558 8736 

Dr. Fiorella Florian        
e-mail: florian@units.it 
tel. +39 558 8738


  Available Instrumentation

The sequencing service utilizes an ION TORRENT  ION PGM platform, including the automated system for positive Ion Sphere™ Particles (ISPs) formation (ligands and filaments to be sequenced)  built by the instruments Ion OneTouch™ 2 and Ion OneTouch™ ES (for positive sphere enrichment).

The sequencing will be subsequently executed on a Personal Genome Machine (PGM™), which’s core is formed by the chip containing more than 1 million wells accommodating one single DNA sequence each. It enables to detect variation in pH resultant of the incorporation of nucleotides in every single well and allows massive parallel sequencing.

The sequencing service comprises also an Applied Biosystems® 3130 Genetic Analyzer with 4 capillars which allows a productivity at mean-low scale. The instrument performs analyses of fragments such as microsatellites, and sequencing  processing platforms up to 96 or 384 wells.


  Offered Services

The sequencing service staff provides expertise in managing a sequencing project starting with the primer design, followed by DNA extraction, sequencing and data analysis, both as a service and  as scientific collaboration.

Our staff comprises great technical know-how in the field of metagenomics of 16S, 18S, COI and in designing libraries for community studies regarding e.g. microbial and fungal communities in marine environments, in terrestrial deposits and in human microbiots.

The long-term experience in the analysis of STR fragments for individual identification and the characterization of cell lines has an account of numerous decades.

Our service supports also the bioinformatic analysis of the data.




Ion Torrent DNA Sequencing Service

Dr. Fabrizia Gionechetti    
e-mail: fgionechetti@units.it 
tel. +39 558 8626

Applied Biosystems® 3130 Genetic Analyzer DNA Sequencing Service 
Dr. Valentina Torboli 
e-mail: vtorboli@units.it
tel. +39 558 8734


Customer charges

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Giuseppina Campisciano, Fiorella Florian, Angela D'Eustacchio, David Stanković, Giuseppe Ricci and Manola Comar. 2017.

Subclinical Alteration of the Cervical-Vaginal Microbiome in Women with Idiopathic Infertility. Journal of Cellular Physiology. Accepted manuscript online: 18 JAN 2017, DOI: 10.1002/jcp.25806


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