Clinical Psychology (Prof. Penolazzi)

Barbara Penolazzi

Associate professor in Clinical Psychology (M-PSI/08)

via Weiss 21, W building, room 132
Phone:+39 040 5588860



Barbara Penolazzi is Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology at the University of Trieste since 2018.

She graduated with a degree in General and Experimental Psychology (2000) and received her Ph.D. in Psychobiology (2005) from the University of Padova. She was visiting Ph.D. student at the Cognition and Brain Science Unit - MRC - Cambridge, UK (2003), she held post-doc positions at the Dept. of General Psychology - University of Padova (2005-2008; 2012-2014), at the Dept. of Biomedical Sciences - University of Chieti-Pescara (2009), at the Dept. of Psychology - University of Bologna (2010-2011), and she was lecturer at the University of Chieti-Pescara (2005-2010).

At the University of Trieste, where she was Assistant Professor (2015-2018), she is currently Director of the Bachelor Degree in Psychological Science and Techniques, she is member of the Graduate School (Ph.D.) Committee in Neural and Cognitive Sciences, and member of the Specialisation School Committee in Neuropsychology.

She heads the Clinical Psychology Laboratory and her research interests are centered on the study of cognitive/affective processes potentially relevant for the development and/or maintenance of neuropsychological or psychiatric disorders. Her contributions to the field include published papers on:

  • linguistic processing (particularly, electrophysiological correlates of written language processing in developmental dyslexia)
  • personality traits (e.g.,  impulsivity and reward sensitivity) relevant for the development and/or maintenance of different kinds of psychopathologies
  • inhibitory control impairment as a transdiagnostic risk factor for the development and/or maintenance of different kinds of psychopathologies
  • modulation of cognitive and affective processes by transcranial electrical stimulation (tES)

Barbara Penolazzi is author of several articles published in international peer-reviewed journals. She is ad hoc-reviewer for many international scientific journals of the field and she is review editor for the journal Frontiers in Psychology (Cognition section) since 2015.


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