Applied Ecology and Remote Sensing (Dr. Petruzzellis)

Francesco Petruzzellis

Research fellow in Environmental and Applied Botany (BIO/03) 

Phone: +39 040 5588753
Building M, via Giorgieri 10


Francesco Petruzzellis is a Research Fellow in Environmental and Applied Botany at the University of Trieste since 2022. He received his MSc in "Environmental Biology" and the PhD degree in "Environment Life Science" at the University of Trieste.
His research interests are focused on the study of plant functional traits to describe plant response mechanisms to future climate change and the effects of such changes on the functional diversity of plant communities.
He completed his PhD at the University of Trieste and, after a postdoctoral period at the University of Udine, became a Research Fellow at the University of Trieste.
His research activities have included various aspects of the physiology of both vascular plants and lichens, particularly focusing on the water relations of these organisms. During the PhD program, and in subsequent years, these aspects have been applied at the level of plant communities to address ecophysiologically sound research questions (e.g., to study what functional characteristics favour the spread of alien species; to project possible functional changes in plant communities in response to future climate change at a regional scale).
He is currently involved in project including remote sensing techniques, and particularly in testing the possibility of predicting plant functional diversity from the individual to community levels through the analysis of remotely-sensed satellite and drone images.


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