List of General News

Publish date Campussort ascending
04/16/2021 New publication - “Graphene environmental biodegradation: Wood degrading and saprotrophic fungi oxidize few-layer graphene” Published on Journal of Hazardous Materials by research group of prof. Mauro Tretiach
04/26/2021 New publication - “Residues of herbal hemp leaf teas – How much of the cannabinoids remain?” Published on Food Control by research group of prof. Aurelia Tubaro
04/28/2021 New publication – “Gene network analysis using SWIM reveals interplay between the transcription factor‐encoding genes HMGA1, FOXM1, and MYBL2 in triple‐negative breast cancer” Pubblicata sulla rivista FEBS Letters un Published on FEBS Letters a research paper from the group of prof. Manfioletti in collaboration with that of del gruppo di ricerca del prof. Manfioletti in collaborazione con quello della prof.ssa Paci, CNR, Roma