New publication – “Taking the Sparkle off the Sparkling Time”

Published on Marine Pollution Bulletin by research group of prof. Bevilacqua and Renzi
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The awareness of impact of microplastics has led stakeholders to define strategies for the reduction of plastic emission and for their removal from aquatic environments. Glitter includes a wide range of shapes, chemical types of plastics covered by a metallic layer and color addition that confer them the typical ‘sparkling’ aspect. Here we focus on critical aspects that make glitter a product with a potential of significant environmental impact suggesting the need to take effective measures to limit emissions. Glitter is used here as a paradigm for all emergent plastic pollutants which calls for a deeper rethinking of our concept of sustainability. We are only at the beginning of the studies on glitter in the aquatic environment but on the basis of their potential impacts now is the time to take decisions taking the sparkle off the sparkling time.

Last update: 09-20-2021 - 07:38