List of Expired General News

Publish datesort ascending Campus
10/07/2017 New publication - The Mechanism of Killing by the Proline-Rich Peptide Bac7(1–35) against Clinical Strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Differs from That against Other Gram-Negative Bacteria Published by research groups of prof. Gennaro and Scocchi
10/07/2017 New publication - Context-specific habituation of the freezing response in newborn chicks Published on Behavioral Neuroscience by the research group of prof. Chiandetti
09/28/2017 New publication - HMGA1 regulates the Plasminogen activation system in the secretome of breast cancer cells Published on Scientific Reports by research group fo prof. G. Manfioletti del prof. G. Manfioletti
09/23/2017 New publication - Targeted Delivery of Neutralizing Anti-C5 Antibody to Renal Endothelium Prevents Complement-Dependent Tissue Damage Published by research groups of prof. Macor and prof. Sblattero
09/19/2017 New publication - Highly monodisperse colloidal coacervates based on a bioactive lactose-modified chitosan: From synthesis to characterization Published on Carbohydrate Polymers by research groups of S. Paoletti and I. Donati
09/12/2017 New publication - Myticalins: A Novel Multigenic Family of Linear, Cationic Antimicrobial Peptides from Marine Mussels (Mytilus spp.) Published on Marine Drugs by research groups of A. Pallavicini and A. Tossi
09/12/2017 New publication - A novel approach based on low-field NMR for the detection of the pathological components of sputum in cystic fibrosis patients Published on Magnetic Risonance in Medicine by research group of G. Grassi
09/01/2017 Just published: ITS1 metabarcoding highlights low specificity of lichen mycobiomes at a local scale Published on Molecular Ecology by Lucia Muggia
08/23/2017 New publication: The E3 ubiquitin ligase MID1/TRIM18 promotes atypical ubiquitination of the BRCA2-associated factor 35, BRAF35. Published on Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular Cell Research by research group of G. Meroni
08/11/2017 Prof. Tubaro interviewed by the Washington Post. "Homegrown coral reefs are beautiful — and potentially dangerous".
07/14/2017 New publication: Mutant p53 potentiates the oncogenic effects of insulin by inhibiting the tumor suppressor DAB2IP
07/11/2017 Trieste oraCle: New integrated approach to oral therapy of Crohn’s disease
06/17/2017 JUST PUBLISHED - A covalent PIN1 inhibitor selectively targets cancer cells by a dual mechanism of action Published on Nature Communications
09/23/2016 JUST PUBLISHED - "The lichens of Italy" of Pier Luigi Nimis
02/03/2016 Workshop & Training School organized within the framework of Cost Action Phycomorph
12/11/2015 INTERNATIONAL COURSES at the Department of Life Sciences