Evolutivamente LAB (Prof. Passolunghi)

Prof. Maria Chiara Passolunghi

Tel: +39 040 9828866
email: passolu@units.it



Maria Chiara Passolunghi is full professor in Developmental and Educational Psychology (MPSI/04) at the University of Trieste. Her chief interest is the field of developmental mathematics and mathematics learning disabilities in children. In particular her research interest focus on two main fields: the working memory and mathematical cognition. The research has the following main lines of inquiry:

  • To map out the functional disabilities that children with mathematics difficulties show.
  • To identify the underlying causes of mathematics disabilities in children.
  • To develop intervention programmes that are aimed at improving children’s early development and learning in mathematics, and to prevent future mathematics disabilities in children.
  • To investigate math–gender stereotypes in school-aged children

Research has led to the drafting of articles published in national and international journals, publication of scientific books and software aimed at fostering mathematical cognition.



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