Perception, Cognition and Movement (Prof. Agostini)


Tiziano Agostini

Full professor in General psychology (M-PSI/01)

Tel: (+39) 040 5588875



Full professor at the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Trieste, he teaches Introduction to Psychology, Sports Psychology and Methods of Investigation and Intervention applied to sports and health. For two years, he carried out research activities in the United States, where he also taught. He is interested in visual perception, methodology in psychological research, history of psychology, sports experimental psychology, cognitive ergonomics and emergency psychology. Moreover, he carried out research on color and in this field he is co-author of a new theory.

Prof. Agostini coordinates national and international grants. He is member of the committee for ASN (Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale), delegate of Area 11 in the Academic Senate, coordinator of Ph.D. program in Neural and Cognitive Sciences, CUSI (Italian Sport University Center) delegate in the Committee for Sport and President of CUS Trieste (Sport University Center). He was Director of the Department of Psychology "Gaetano Kanizsa", Deputy Director of the Department of Life Sciences and Scientific Director of the Inter-University Center MiST (Mind in Sport Team). He has more than 110 publications, consisting of scientific articles in national and international journals with peer review, books and book chapters. 


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