List of Expired General News

Publish date Campussort descending
03/12/2019 New pubblication - "SFPQ and NONO suppress RNA:DNA-hybrid-related telomere instability" Published on Nature Communications by prof. Stefan Schoeftner
05/12/2020 New published - "In vitro modeling of dendritic atrophy in Rett syndrome: determinants for phenotypic drug screening in neurodevelopmental disorders" Published on Scientific Reports by the research group of prof. Enrico Tongiorgi
12/12/2017 New publication - Complement Protein C1q Binds to Hyaluronic Acid in the Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Microenvironment and Promotes Tumor Growth Published on Frontiers of Immunology by research group of prof. Roberta Bulla
06/27/2019 New publication - "Graphene-based materials do not impair physiology, gene expression and growth dynamics of the aeroterrestrial microalga Trebouxia gelatinosa" Published on Nanotoxicology by Fabio Candotto Carniel, Alberto Pallavicini, Maurizio Prato, Mauro Tretiach et al.
02/05/2021 New publication - “Immunological Basis of theEndometriosis: The Complement System as a Potential Therapeutic Target” Published on Frontiers in Immunology by research group of prof. Roberta Bulla
07/10/2018 First prize to Maria Michelina Raso for the best poster at the 15th European Training Course on Carbohydrates
08/23/2017 New publication: The E3 ubiquitin ligase MID1/TRIM18 promotes atypical ubiquitination of the BRCA2-associated factor 35, BRAF35. Published on Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular Cell Research by research group of G. Meroni
01/17/2019 New publication - "Mutant p53 as a guardian of the cancer cell Published on Cell Death & Differentiation by the research group of prof. Giannino Del Sal
03/11/2020 New publication - "Mast Cells in Peritoneal Fluid From Women With Endometriosis and Their Possible Role in Modulating Sperm Function" Published on Frontiers in Physiology by the research group of dott.ssa Violetta Borelli
10/18/2017 New publication - "Major hnRNP proteins act as general TDP-43 functional modifiers both in Drosophila and human neuronal cells" Published on Nucleic Acid Research by research group of prof. Romano
06/05/2019 New publication – “Semaphorin-7A on Exosomes: A Promigratory Signal in the Glioma Microenvironment” Published on Cancers a paper in collaboration between the groups of dr. Cesselli (University of Udine) and prof. G. Manfioletti.
11/18/2020 New publication - "How dry is dry? Molecular mobility in relation to thallus water content in a lichen" Published on Journal of Experimental Botany by the research group of prof. M. Tretiach
05/09/2018 New publication - Assessing the effectiveness of surrogates for species over time: Evidence from decadal monitoring of a Mediterranean transitional water ecosystem Published on Marine Pollution Bulletin by prof. Antonio Terlizzi
09/23/2016 JUST PUBLISHED - "The lichens of Italy" of Pier Luigi Nimis
01/24/2020 New publication – “High Mobility Group A (HMGA): Chromatin Nodes Controlled by a Knotty miRNA Network”
09/28/2017 New publication - HMGA1 regulates the Plasminogen activation system in the secretome of breast cancer cells Published on Scientific Reports by research group fo prof. G. Manfioletti del prof. G. Manfioletti
05/03/2019 New publication - "Is the Complement Protein C1q a Pro- or Anti-tumorigenic Factor? Bioinformatics Analysis Involving Human Carcinomas" Published on Frontiers in Immunology by research group of prof. Roberta Bulla
07/01/2020 New publication - "The Status of Coastal Benthic Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Sea: Evidence From Ecological Indicators" Published on Frontiers in Marine Science by th research group of prof. Antonio Terlizzi
03/13/2018 New publication: The lichens of the Alps – an annotated checklist. By an international team coordinated by prof. Pier Luigi Nimis
10/29/2019 New publication - "Prognostic Implications of the Complement Protein C1q in Gliomas" Published on Frontires in Immunology by the research group of prof.ssa Roberta Bulla