Biodiversity and ecophysiology of macroalgae (Prof. Falace)


Annalisa Falace

Associate professor in Environmental and applied botanics (BIO/03)
Phone.: +39 040 5583867
Cell.: +39 3476437464
M Building, Room B/16
Department of Life Science (DSV)
University of Trieste
Via Giorgieri 10, 34127 Trieste, Italy



Annalisa Falace is Researcher (S.S.D. BIO/03) since 2002 and Aggregate Professor in Marine Algae Taxonomy and Ecology at the University of Trieste.

Degree in Biological Sciences and Ph.D in Biomonitoring and Environmental Sciences - University of Trieste (Italy). She had her research  training at the Laboratory of Phycology in Trieste, at the Station Biologique-Observatoire Océanographique of Roscoff (France) and at the Observatoire Océanologique (Laboratoire ARAGO) of Banyuls-sur-Mer (France).

Her principal research interest focuses on the “Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function”. Her expertise in this area is related to:

  • Taxonomy of marine macroalgae
  • Ecology and Conservation of coastal habitats, focusing on processes affecting the spatial and temporal structure of macroalgal assemblages
  • Restoration and eco-physiology of Cystoseira populations

Dr. Falace belong as Italian Member Committee to a COST Action FA1406 PHYCOMORPH (2015-2019) especially devoted to increase fundamental knowledge about macroalgal growth, development and reproduction, and to improve sustainable seaweed aquaculture.

She is participating to the following funded competitive projects:

Dr. Falace is currently involved in several collaborations with national and international institutions.


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