A novel molecular approach to liver fibrosis - Un nuovo approccio molecolare alla fibrosi epatica

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A novel molecular approach to liver fibrosis - Un nuovo approccio molecolare alla fibrosi epatica

Project "A Novel Molecular Approach to Liver Librosis" -  (2021 - 2023)
Poject Funded by Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale (MAECI)


Chronic infection of hepatitis B/C virus, alcohol abuse and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease are the major causes of liver fibrosis (LF), that invariably leads to the progressive impairment of liver function (cirrhosis) often resulting in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). LF represents a major concern for public health worldwide, with more than 800 million people affected and a mortality rate of approximately 2 million deaths per year. In Italy, death rate for LF-related diseases is considerable being of 15/100.000 inhabitants  placing Italy in 14th position in Europe out of 34 countries. In Vietnam death rate is even superior being of 24/100.000 inhabitants placing this country in 3rd position out of 35 countries in the Asia–Pacific region. LF disease principally affects working age people, thus its reversion not only would have positive effects on the individual and health system, but also on the economy and business sectors.

Irrespective of the etiology, a key element in LF generation is represented by hepatic stellate cells (HSCs). In LF, quiescent HSCs trans-differentiate into proliferative and migratory myofibroblasts (cell activation), secreting extra cellular matrix (ECM).

We propose a novel strategy to down regulate HSCs activation by targeting the mRNAs of E2F1 and eEF1A1, in cellular (Prof G. Grassi, University of Trieste, Italy) and animal model (Dr. H.N. Truong, University of Science-VNUHCM, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) of LF. The combined in vitro/in vivo approaches and the interchange of information/visits between the two groups are the basis for the success of the project whose results will be diffused to the scientific and non-scientific society.

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Prof Truong Hai Nhung
senior researcher at the University of Science, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
General secretary of Ho Chi Minh City Stem Cell Society

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Mario GRASSI Research projects - Participant; https://www.units.it/persone/index.php/from/abook/persona/6546
Prof. Gabriele Grassi Research projects - Scientific Actor; https://www.units.it/persone/index.php/from/abook/persona/9480
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