List of General News

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06/19/2018 New publication - Relation between water status and desiccation-affected genes in the lichen photobiont Trebouxia gelatinosa Published on Plant Physiology and Biochemistry by research group of prof. Mauro Tretetiach
06/19/2018 New publication - Graphene and graphene oxide induce ROS production in human HaCaT skin keratinocytes: role of xanthine oxidase and NADH dehydrogenase Published on Nanoscale by research group of prof. Aurelia Tubaro
06/19/2018 Portal of the Flora of Italy Created by Dryades Project of Department of Life Sciences (Trieste University)
06/12/2018 New publication - Graphene oxide impairs the pollen performance of Nicotiana tabacum and Corylus avellana suggesting potential negative effects on the sexual reproduction of seed plants Published on journal "Environmental Science: Nano" by research group of prof. M. Tretiach