ROC-POP: A Life project to save the forest of our sea

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The ROC-POPLife Project LIFE16 NAT/IT/000816 – i.e. “Promoting biodiversity enhancement by Restoration Of Cystoseira POPulations” – is a concrete conservation action aiming to restore Cystoseira spp. forests within the Miramare and Cinque Terre marine protected areas, where this taxon was present, as proven by museum and scientific literature records. Disappearance causes have been removed and the protection is guaranteed by the marine protected areas.

The project involves the transplanting of Cystoseira cultured juveniles, with advantages in terms of time, costs and ecological impact.

The Phycology group at the DSV – currently composed by Dott.ssa Annalisa Falace, Dott. Paolo Mancuso, Dott.ssa Gilda Savonitto and dott.ssa Marina Srijemsi – is one of the main scientific partners conducting this project.

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