New publication: The lichens of the Alps – an annotated checklist.

By an international team coordinated by prof. Pier Luigi Nimis
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The lichens of the Alps

Widely used as biomonitors of air quality, forest health and climate change, lichens play a vital role. However, no overview of their diversity across the emblematic Alps had been provided up until recently, when an international team of lichenologists coordinate by DSV (University of Trieste) concluded their 15-year study with a publication in the open access journal MycoKeys. Their annotated checklist includes more than 3,000 lichens and presents a long-missed benchmark for scientists studying mountain systems around the globe.




Original source

Nimis PL, Hafellner J, Roux C., Clerc P, Mayrhofer H, Martellos S, Bilovitz PO (2018) The lichens of the Alps – an annotated checklist. Mycokeys ,31: 1-634, 2018.


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