List of Expired General News

Publish date Campussort descending
05/29/2019 Inauguration of the AdriAquaNet project
03/28/2018 New publication - DNA metabarcoding uncovers fungal diversity of mixed airborne samples in Italy Published on Plos ONE by research group of prof. Mauro Tretiach
12/11/2015 INTERNATIONAL COURSES at the Department of Life Sciences
11/12/2018 New publication - "H NMR Spectroscopy and MVA to Evaluate the Effects of Caulerpin-Based Diet on Diplodus sargus Lipid Profiles" Published on Marine Drugs by the research group of prof. Antonio Terlizzi
10/18/2017 New publication - "Cryptic effects of biological invasions: Reduction of the aggressive behaviour of a native fish under the influence of an 'invasive' biomolecule" Published on PLOS ONE by research group of prof. A. Terlizzi
01/29/2018 New publication - A regional assessment of cumulative impact mapping on Mediterranean coralligenous outcrops Published on Scientific Reports by prof. A. Terlizzi
11/06/2018 New publication - Graphene and graphene oxide induce ROS production in human HaCaT skin keratinocytes: the role of xanthine oxidase and NADH dehydrogenase Published on Nanoscale by research group of prof. Aurelia Tubaro
09/19/2017 New publication - Highly monodisperse colloidal coacervates based on a bioactive lactose-modified chitosan: From synthesis to characterization Published on Carbohydrate Polymers by research groups of S. Paoletti and I. Donati
04/09/2019 New publication - "Is the complement protein C1q a pro- or anti- tumorigenic factor? Bioinformatics analysis involving human carcinomas" Published on Frontiers in Immunology by the research group of prof.ssa Roberta Bulla
12/05/2017 New publication: Blocked vs. interleaved presentation and proactive interference in episodic memory Published on Memory by prof. Fabio Del Missier
06/26/2019 New publication - "Reproductive and dispersal strategies shape the diversity of mycobiont-photobiont association in Cladonia lichens" Published on Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution with the collaboration of dr. Lucia Muggia
06/19/2018 Portal of the Flora of Italy Created by Dryades Project of Department of Life Sciences (Trieste University)
08/11/2017 Prof. Tubaro interviewed by the Washington Post. "Homegrown coral reefs are beautiful — and potentially dangerous".
03/06/2019 New publication - "On the mechanism of the electrophysiological changes and membrane lesions induced by asbestos fiber exposure in Xenopus laevis oocytes" Published on Scientific Reports by dr. Annalisa Bernareggi and the research group of dr. Violetta Borelli
06/04/2019 New publication - "Massive Occurrence of the Harmful Benthic Dinoflagellate Ostreopsis cf. ovata in the Eastern Adriatic Sea " Published on Toxins by the research group of prof. Aurelia Tubaro
04/10/2018 New publication -Cell-autonomous and cell-non-autonomous downregulation of tumor suppressor DAB2IP by microRNA-149-3p promotes aggressiveness of cancer cells Published on Cell Death and Differentiation by research groups of prof. G. Del Sal, prof. R. Bulla and prof. L. Collavin.
02/03/2016 Workshop & Training School organized within the framework of Cost Action Phycomorph
11/12/2018 New publication - "Fishing for Targets of Alien Metabolites: A Novel Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor (PPAR) Agonist from a Marine Pest" Published on Marine Drugs by the research group prof. Antonio Terlizzi
10/18/2017 New publication - "Dynamic landscape and regulation of RNA editing in mammals" Published on Nature by research group of prof. Del Sal
02/08/2018 New publication - Action Observation Plus Sonification. A Novel Therapeutic Protocol for Parkinson’s Patient with Freezing of Gait Published on Frontiers in Neurology by research group of prof. Bernardis