Pathogenic potential of asbestos fibres (Dr. Borelli)


Dr. Violetta Borelli

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Violetta Borelli is Researcher in General Pathology at the University of Trieste since 2005. Violetta Borelli has a degree in Biology and a PhD Experimental Pathology from the University of Trieste. She had his research training at the University of Trieste. Among her research experiences, she had been visiting scientist in the Department of Microbiology (prof. John Belisle) of the Colorado State University.

Her research interest focuses on the mechanisms of physiopathology of inflammatory cells. Dr. Violetta Borelli focused on the study of the biological mechanism of the secretory process in phagocytes and mast cells, and on the role of some of the secreted components, the peroxidases, in killing ingested microrganisms. In particular her work has contributed to elucidate the role of human peroxidases in host defence against Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

During the last 10 years Dr. Violetta Borelli has devoted to the study of the interaction of asbestos fibres with inflammatory cells, contributing to elucidate the composition of asbestos bodies coating and their controversial pathogenic potential.

During these studies she has published some papers on International journals.

Violetta Borelli has more than 30 papers published in international scientific journals. She is reviewer for scientific journals.




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