Synaptic Omeostasis Lab - SOL (Dr. Fornasiero)

Research Strand: 

Enrico F Fornasiero

RtdB Researcher in Physiology - BIO/9

Office: Fondazione Callerio, first floor, room 105A
Phone: 040 558 8777

Dr. Eugenio Fornasiero is a part-time researcher in Physiology at the DSV as of February 2022, and is currently concurrently laboratory director at the Department of Neuro- and Sensory Physiology, University Medical Center in Göttingen, Germany. After graduating with a degree in Medical Biotechnology from the University of Modena in 2005, Dr. Fornasiero was awarded a doctorate in Prof. Flavia Valtorta's laboratory in 2010 as part of the international Molecular and Cellular Biology program shared by San Raffaele University of Milan and the Open University (UK). Dr. Fornasiero worked at the laboratory of Prof. Carlos Dotti at the VIB in Leuven (Belgium) and completed his postdoctoral training at the laboratory of Prof. Silvio O. Rizzoli in Göttingen (Germany).


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