Interfacce cervello-computer (Prof. Battaglini)

Piero Paolo Battaglini

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Piero Paolo Battaglini is full professor of Physiology at the University of Trieste, Department of Life Sciences, since 2000. He was born in Florence on July 14, 1951. He graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1976 at the University of Catania, then moved to the University of Bologna, where he was assistant in charge until 1980 and then researcher until 1988. He spent a period of time in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins University. There he learned to teach monkeys to perform motor tasks (eye and arm movements) while recording the electrical activity of single neurons in the visual cortex. In Bologna, he contributed to the discovery and description of new types of neurons (real motion and real position cells), probably involved in the recognition of movement and position of objects in the visual space. He also participated in a large neuroanatomical study which contributed to the knowledge of the connections of visual regions of the cerebral cortex.

In 1988 he moved to the University of Trieste, as associate professor. Here he continued to work, for a period of time, with the group of Bologna. Then he started experiments based on electroencephalography, transcranial magnetic stimulation and magnetic resonance imaging. Main interests lie in the study of neuronal aspects of voluntary movement both as cortical correlates of its of preparation and execution as well as in the changes of the related electrical activity of the. By the translational point of view, these studies aim at the development of new brain machine interfaces and neurofeedback protocols for motor disabled patients.

Professor Battaglini has more than 70 papers published in international scientific journals.

Academic positions (last 5 years):

Full professor of Physiology. Coordinator of OPBA, the ethical committee for animal experimentartion of the University of Trieste


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