Light Microscopy


Optical microscopy facility

The facility is specialized in: advanced live-cell imaging using wide-field and confocal scanning light microscopy imaging systems. The facility supports in-house scientists and visitors in using light microscopy methods and quantitative imaging for their research.


Major projects and accomplishments

  • The facility currently manages 6 microscope systems
  • A workstation with installed open source softwares is provided and can be used for imaging processing, visualization and analysis of user data
  • More than 30 laboratories per year carry out their own experiments in the facility
  • Quantitative imaging techniques R&D

Our Microscopy Facility furnishes state-of-the-art instrumentation for light microscopy. The facility houses a variety of systems ranging from basic stereo microscopes, wide-field, fluorescence microscopes, in fixed and live samples, to the confocal laser scanning workstation.

The director of the facility is Prof. Enrico Tongiorgi and manager of the facility is Dr. Gabriele Baj both from the Cellular and Developmental Neurobiology lab of the Department of Life Sciences.

We provide users different levels of training and support, from help with experimental design, image processing and quantitative image analysis, to direct collaboration in specific projects, In particular, the facility manager provides assistance and tutoring in the usage of confocal microscopy. This technique enables to overcome the diffraction limit of lateral resolution inherent to conventional light-optical microscopy and can deliver blur-free images of thick specimens, suitable for 3D reconstruction and quantitative imaging of cells and tissue samples.

Our Facility is developing dynamically to meet ever-increasing scientific requirements. Therefore, your comments will help us to improve the facility and to provide you with better support.

We appreciate your use of our facility.

Good imaging!

Enrico Tongiorgi

Gabriele Baj


For training and advice please contact Gabriele Baj


NB (Acknowledgement of facility contributions in publications is appreciated)



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