Electron Microscopy


The Electron Microscopy Center of the University of Trieste is located at the highest part of the university district at the Fondazione "Carlo e Dirce Callerio" in via Fleming 31 / a and 31 / b.


Electron Microscopy Service: microscopiaelettronica@units.it


SERVICES (Operations and Services)

The electronic scanning and transmission microscopy laboratory manages all stages of sample preparation and staining. The staff possesses the skills necessary to establish the most appropriate techniques for sample preparation, and to guide the most suitable choice for the observation method.

Digital images are obtained that are subsequently interpreted together with the researchers concerned in order to obtain more information.

For users who need very long microscopic sessions, there is an initial training that allows them to use the instrument autonomously for viewing and capturing the images.




The Electron Scanning Microscope (SEM) allows you to obtain high-resolution, three-dimensional images from a suitable sample. The principle on which this type of microscope is based is to send a bundle of primary electrons on a conductive sample and collect the image of the investigated surface by converting the resulting different products into signals through appropriate detectors. These signals are then reproduced on a cathode screen whose electronic brush must be in phase with that of the SEM column. The image obtained is provided with a very good depth of field, so you can observe in detail the surface roughness and morphological characteristics of the sample being analyzed. In addition, the X-ray product analysis allows a careful study of the elemental composition of the investigated material.

The SEM service is equipped with the following instrumentation:

  • Metallizer S150A Sputter Coater, whose function is to make conductive samples
  • K850 Critical Point Dryer, used when dehydrating biological specimens, very delicate or fragile structure, to be able to observe them in a vacuum
  • Electron scanning microscope - SEM- LEICA STEREOSCAN 430i
  • SE image detector (secondary electrons)
  • BSE image detector (retro-diffused electrons)
  • Semi-quantitative EDAN microanalysis system with Si (Li) PENTAFET PLUS TM detector, with ATW TM window (Oxford Instruments, United Kingdom)




The Electron Transmission Microscopy (TEM) allows for obtaining high resolution images from high-energy electrons (up to 100 KeV) transmitted on a fluorescent screen from a sufficiently thin (<0.1 micron) sample.

The TEM service is equipped with the following instrumentation:

  • Electron transmission microscope (EM 208, Philips) equipped with Quemesa camera (Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions)
  • Ultrasonic microtower Leica Ultracut UCT8
  • Optical microscope Leitz Orthoplan with light field capacitor, in dark field, in phase contrast
  • Leitz Ortholux optical microscope equipped with camera (Leica DC 300) for image capture





For information:


Prof. Piero Giulianini
e-mail:  giuliani@units.it
tel. +39 040 558 8715

Dr. Paolo Bertoncin
e-mail: pbertoncin@units.it
tel. +39 331 6990847

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