Biodiversity informatics (Dr. Martellos)

Dr. Stefano Martellos

Tel: +39 040 558 3889



Stefano Martellos is Junior Researcher in Systematic Botany at the University of Trieste since 2010.
He has a degree in Biology from the University of Trieste.
His research interest focuses on biodiversity informatics and on the taxonomy and ecology of lichenised fungi. He also collaborates with other research centres on the application of DNA barcode for the identification of vascular plants (PLoS ONE, 2012; Food Research International, 2013).
He is one of the few researchers in Italy dealing with biodiversity informatics. He has developed the software FRIDA (FRiendly IdentificAtion; Taxon 2010), whose algorithm ws patented by the University of Trieste. This tool has been used by several researchers for the development and publication of more than 600 digital identification keys to several groups of organisms. He has also cooperated in the development of the Italian National Biodiversity Network (Plant Biosyst, 2011), especially as far as the aggregation of primary biodiversity data is concerned.
In the field of lichenology, he is co-author of the Second Checklist of Italian Lichens (2003), and of the checklist of the Lichen of the Alps (Mycokeys, 2018). He collaborates to the management of ITALIC, the information system on Italian lichens. He is also investigating the use of species distribution models for backing taxa delimitation (Flora, 2014), and is involved in the floristic investigation of the Italian lichen flora.
Stefano Martellos has publilshed several papers in international scientific journals, is co-author of several books, and author of one patent.
He is member of the International Associaton of Lichenology, the Italian Society of Botany, the Italian Society of Ecology, and the Italian Lichenological Society. He is also a former member of the Directive Board of the Italian Lichenological Society (2011-2017), and a member of the Directive Board of the Italian Naturaly History Museums Association (ANMS) since 2016.
He is the vice-coordinator of the LM in Global Change Ecology of the Dept. of Life Sciences of the University of Trieste.




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