Biodiversity and ecophysiology of macroalgae (Dr. Falace)


Dr. Annalisa Falace

Tel: +39 040 5583867



Annalisa Falace is Researcher (S.S.D. BIO/03) since 2002 and Aggregate Professor in Marine Algae Taxonomy and Ecology at the University of Trieste.

Degree in Biological Sciences and Ph.D in Biomonitoring and Environmental Sciences - University of Trieste (Italy). She had her research  training at the Laboratory of Phycology in Trieste, at the at Station Biologique-Observatoire Océanographique de Roscoff (France), University Pierre et Marie Curie-Paris VI, at the Observatoire Océanologique (Laboratoire ARAGO) di Banyuls-sur mer (France).

Her principal research interest focuses on the “Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function”. Her expertise in this area is related to:

  • Taxonomy of marine macroalgae
  • Ecology and Conservation of coastal habitats, focusing on processes affecting the spatial and temporal structure of macroalgal assemblages
  • Restoration of Cystoseira populations
  • Ecology and design of artificial habitats structures


Dr. Falace belong as Italian Member Committee to a COST Action FA1406 PHYCOMORPH (2015-2019) especially devoted to increase fundamental knowledge about macroalgal growth, development and reproduction, and to improve sustainable seaweed aquaculture.

She is participating to the following funded competitive projects:

  • PRIN-MIUR 2015  "Resistance and resilience of Adriatic mesophotic biogenic habitats to human and climate change threats"
  • Interreg Mediterranean 2016-18 "AMAre, Actions for Marine Protected Areas"
  • ERA-NET BiodivERsA3 2015 “MARFOR Functional Variability and Dynamics of Responses of Marine Forests to Global Change”


Dr. Falace is currently involved in several collaborations with national and international institutions. She is reviewer for impact factor scientific journals and member of:

  • Italian Society of Marine Biology
  • Italian Phycological Group (Botanic Society)
  • Scientific Committee of National research group “Artificial Reef” (Italian Society of Marine Biology)
  • European Artificial Reef Research Network (EARRN)

The complete list of Dr. Falace pubblications can be found in:

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